Why They Buy

Have you ever heard that Sales is a numbers game... well that is a myth that we will crush when you come attend our next Why They Buy webinar. You will get a chance to meet Karen and Lorenzo and hear them share how and why B.A.N.K. has changed their business and personal life. There is no better time spent than to spend time and your precious resources on you... yes you!Harmony for life, business and community starts from within. We at SHAPESHIFT have been focused from our inception to make sure we get to know ourselves from the Inside Out. This perspective changes all aspects of our life.Learn more below and explore with us the key factors in Why They Buy for sales, business decisions and more.



In order to provide for your loved ones and ensure your business supports your passion, you need to close more sales. We understand how hard that can be, though. Most people are turned off by sales presentations– even when you aren’t pushy and you represent your offer authentically.


You know to win big in sales, you’ve got to be the best. But how? Too many people think that there’s a single perfect script that will launch you straight to the top, but that just sets you up for failure. The truth is there are four personality types, so to seal the deal every time, you’ve got to speak to them each differently.