Align Your Yourself With Your Brand, Your Business, & Your Ideal Client 


When it comes to a marketing message, it’s imperative you speak the language of your ideal client. You likely speak from your perspective only, yet you are aware there are many ways to filter your message. How can you improve your message so that it speaks to a prospect’s personality type?

The Marketing Alignment Audit is your first step in curating your personality, message and social brand to attract your ideal client. But there is more... how is your marketing copy working, or what about your listening skills, and even how your client will perceive your offers. These are just the starting points that open up a whole new world when it comes to unlocking the secrets, the science and the system we use to solve the fastest way to on-board clients.

This is a complete DONE FOR YOU offer that will KICKSTART & ACCELERATE your pathway to revenue.

Marketing Alignment Audit


Leveraging CODEBREAKER AI™ to align you, your vision, your marketing to your IDEAL CLIENT.

Have you heard of BANKCODE™? Well we want to share an opportunity to participate in a game changing new way of THINKING using a system called B.A.N.K.™ We are committed to KICKSTARTING your business and ACCELERATING your REVENUE potential.

The MARKETING ALIGNMENT AUDIT creates immediate value by improving personal communications in your life, business and with prospects. We at SHAPESHIFT™ have been focused from our inception to make sure we get to know ourselves from the Inside Out. This perspective is a touchstone in our marketing alignment audit process for YOU and your CUSTOMERS.

We have a Special just for you in these tough times!

Our state-of-the-art AI (Artificial Intelligence) personality science system ensures your talk CONNECTS with your ideal audience. We will decrypt your speech or sales content using AI to tell you which personality type(s) your message currently targets. We offer solutions in the form of triggers and tripwires for you to edit your content to IMPROVE how you RELATE to your ideal prospects. Apply the secrets and systems of personality science to your materials...

For just $ 49, we will run your speech through our AI and provide a scored report showing its current code for each personality type and offer ideas (triggers and tripwires) on how to edit your talk. These suggestions will help you adjust your message so that you improve its language to RESONATE with your IDEAL personality code type(s). After you implement our ideas, we will decrypt your speech again to ensure the language has improved, with another round of suggestions.



Want to learn firsthand how to leverage CODEBREAKER AI™ in your business. All you have to do is sign up for your first months training. Everything you need to create Your Own World View of your team, prospects & customers. What do you get in the bundle?

  • One month's use of B.A.N.K. PASS™ (crack unlimited prospects as a lead magnet)
  • One months unlimited use of CODEBREAKER AI
  • Zoom training on both products (2 total hours of tips & tricks)
  • Access to our Personality Assessment tools
  • Education provided by certified BANKCODE™ trainers. YAY!

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We Do it For You

Look, what we have discovered is that there isn’t really anything more valuable than time, is there? We leverage CODEBREAKER AI™ in our step by step process to shorten the time it takes to create relationships, engage prospects and convert them into clients. Giving you TIME back so you can focus on QUALITY of life and growing your CUSTOMERS. Does this interest you? This done for you audit will teach you.

  • How to speak to your client so they understand your message?
  • What it takes to create an instant connection based on their world view?
  • Why your prospects are not buying, if this is a problem you have?
  • Does your brand messaging need alignment?
  • How close are you to getting to 100% conversions?
  • You want to shorten your sales cycle, right?