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We have been certified in BANKCODE and we are using the opportunity to support our clients and partners with this game changing new way of THINKING! If you want to connect with one of our trainers or talk to our staff about ways to leverage this amazing system called B.A.N.K. we are hear to share our knowledge and experience. Just reach out and schedule a call with us to brainstorm on the vast potential.

Meet Your Team

Bruce Mason, DesignerRandy Bradley, Developer

Lorenzo Hickey

Karen Millerwise

Lorenzo Hickeyhas helped form 18 leading-edge startup companies. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting & MBA from Pepperdine University, and experience growing an organization of over 20,000 employees,  he is an expert at all facets of running a business.

As a founder of SHAPESHIFT Worldhe is building a place where small and large businesses can create a fast path to cash through automated technology stacks, sales funnel development, and social media engagement. We are creating a community of likeminded entrepreneurs where the "power of WE elevates ME"!

Karen Millerwisehas successfully led teams to develop national ad and marketing campaigns for Fortune 100 companies. Additionally, she has helped many national packaged goods companies develop and bring new products to market from soup to nuts. A cancer diagnosis caused Karen to re-evaluate her life and career choices and she began coaching Cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. 

Today she combines these talents at SHAPESHIFT World to support healing entrepreneurs set a clear vision how to masterfully brand and market their businesses. She has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and Management and MBA from Cal State Fullerton.